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Ryan Saba, a partner of Rosen Saba, LLP, a trial law firm based in Beverly Hills, California, has filed an amended complaint against the University of San Diego on behalf of Edward Luck, Ph.D.

Dr. Luck is currently embroiled in a high profile lawsuit against the University of San Diego.

Dr. Luck, the former assistant secretary-general of the United Nations, was hired as a Dean and professor of the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies within the University of San Diego in 2012. Upon the realization that he was fraudulently induced into taking the job as Dean, Dr. Luck resigned as Dean of the Kroc School and remained as a tenured full Professor.

After resigning as Dean in 2013, Dr. Luck filed a lawsuit against the University alleging negligent and intentional misrepresentation of his hiring process, privacy violations, lost wages, fraud by concealment, and breach of contract. Dr. Luck also reported instances of colleague misconduct, including misappropriation of funds and the finding of naked pictures of young women on a professor’s computer. The University retaliated by terminating him as a full tenured Professor (which was a separate and independent role than his role as Dean) and denying him certain benefits and pay that all tenured professors are entitled to receive.

According to attorney Ryan D. Saba, Esq. of Rosen Saba, LLP, “The University continues to mistreat Dr. Luck. The blatant retaliation against an esteemed professor and former Dean by the University is deplorable. The University should be ashamed of its conduct.”

The lawsuit is captioned Edward C. Luck v. University of San Diego, Ami Carpenter and David Shirk, United States District Court, Southern District of California, case number 13-cv-3088.

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