jury trial verdict for fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and professional negligence on behalf of the creator of Tae Bo, Billy Blanks, his wife Gayle Blanks, and their company, BG Star Productions, Inc. against their former law firm. Billy Blanks, et al. v. Seyfarth Shaw LLP, et al., Los Angeles Superior Court case number BC308355 (5th largest California jury verdict in 2005) (Read about this case, more on this case)


jury trial verdict for defective design of a roadway on behalf of an individual who was hit by a car while using a crosswalk against the City of Hemet.  Tusant v. City of Hemet, Riverside Superior Court case number MCC1701026 (largest personal injury verdict in California 2020)


unanimous jury verdict for four minimum wage restaurant servers in an age discrimination wrongful termination lawsuit. Aboulafia, et al. v. GCAN, Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court case number BC469940 (44th largest verdict in California in 2014).


settlement for wrongful death of a woman who died while scuba diving (12th largest wrongful death settlement in California 2020)


settlement for three women who were sexually harassed by a gynecologist


settlements on behalf of three nurses that were sexually harassed and retaliated against at the same hospital.


binding arbitration award on a breach of contract claim against licensed sellers of celebrity-endorsed fitness products.


settlement for a warehouse employee who was sexually harassed and her co-worker and mother, who was fired after complaining about her daughter’s harassment.


settlement for a Hollywood restaurant patron attacked and viciously beaten while awaiting retrieval of his valet parked car.


settlement for a professional injured in a rear-end automobile accident.


judgment in favor of a company that designs, constructs, operates and maintains services to U.S. Army training facilities and infrastructure against a subcontractor for fraud and breach of contract.


settlement in a medical malpractice action against a doctor who failed to properly diagnose a cancerous tumor.


settlement for a woman who was sexually assaulted while she was a patient in a local hospital.


settlement for the wrongful death of a minor arising out of a highway accident allegedly related to a defective trailer design.


recovery obtained for a male sexual harassment victim during the course of binding arbitration.


legal malpractice for disclosure of privileged documents.


legal malpractice settlement in federal court against two national law firms.


settlement for a 43 year old laborer injured when a 5,482 pound compactor rolled off a flat bed trailer and landed on him.


combined trial judgment and settlement for a motorcyclist who suffered major injuries in a traffic accident allegedly caused by a retail store’s boxes blown onto the roadway.


settlement in legal malpractice action on behalf of a federal contractor that provides services for the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”)


settlement of fraud and legal malpractice claims brought by a celebrity and his wife.


settlement for wrongful termination because of disability discrimination of sales workers


class certification and settlement on behalf of over 800 employees against fast food Yoshinoya restaurants for wage violations and obtained a change in the current law (14th largest settlement in California 2020)


arbitration victory in a medical malpractice action.


pre-litigation settlement in an employment dispute involving claims of gender/sex pay inequity, discrimination, retaliation, and harassment.


settlement for a man who fell off of scaffolding


settlement for a woman injured during a guided horse trail ride.


settlement for a corporation that was a victim of a $500,000 fraud scheme


settlement against a doctor in a medical malpractice claim for failing to identify a cancerous tumor.


settlement on the eve of trial for a human resources professional who was fired for not showing up for work due to pregnancy complications.


pre-filing settlement for a warehouse forklift driver who was retaliated against for reporting sexual harassment by being forced to work every day in the freezer.


settlement for a nurse who was discriminated against because she was pregnant.


unanimous Los Angeles County Superior Court jury trial verdict for business fraud in the infomercial industry.


settlement for a passenger injured in a head-on Saint Patrick’s Day automobile accident in San Francisco. Jeffrey Polanco v. United Irish Cultural Center, et al., San Francisco County Superior Court case number CGC03417683


legal malpractice settlement against national law firm


settlement for a publicly traded company in a fraud and RICO action.


unanimous jury verdict in favor of a medical nursing staffing agency against a competitor for unfair business competition, fraud, and intentional interference. MediPro Financial v. Certified Nursing Registry, Los Angeles County Superior Court, case number BC667851 (largest tortious interference jury verdict in California 2018)


settlement in a legal malpractice lawsuit brought by a publicly-traded company against a national law firm.

Confidential settlement, plus attorneys’ fees

for the former administrator of a local religious organization and its President on claims of wrongful termination, fraud, slander and Labor Code violations.


settlement in a maritime action to recover for lost profits and damages to a commercial ferry.


class action settlement on behalf of local haul truck drivers that were misclassified as independent contractors.


a policy limits recovery arising from a motor vehicle accident in which the plaintiff suffered orthopedic injuries


settlement of a medical malpractice and wrongful death case brought by the family of a mother who died as a result of negligence during a cesarean section surgery.


settlement for an environmental remediation company for non-payment of services.


settlement for a national security company in a federal lawsuit for legal malpractice against a national law firm.


Kern County Superior Court jury verdict (plus an entitlement to attorney’s fees and punitive damages) for sexual harassment and retaliation in favor of mother and daughter agricultural warehouse employees.  (Garcia v. Grimmway Enterprises, Inc., et al., KSC case number BCV-15-100297-SPC; November 18, 2016).


settlement in medical malpractice action against doctor who failed to perform a proper surgery


settlement for a client involved in a dispute over the bottling, distribution and production rights to Pepsi products in the country of Ecuador.


settlement for a client who brought a civil rights case because he was shot by the police.


settlement for a fashion executive in a wrongful termination lawsuit based upon disability discrimination.


settlement of a class action for unpaid overtime hours owed to L.A. area social workers. Don Edinger v. Penny Lane Centers, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Case Number BC348993.

Note: The above cases are actual recent results obtained by Rosen“RosenSaba LLP. Although our trial and litigation experience is extensive, not all of the results we obtain for our clients are published in the news. These examples are not to be construed as a guarantee of results.

This is not legal advice. Each case result depends upon the particular facts and circumstances as they relate to the relevant law.