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It’s a new era for woman in the workplace. Starting with Harvey Weinstein, women have come forward almost daily with disturbing accounts of workplace experiences ranging from inappropriate comments, to harrowing sexual harassment, to outright rape. Despite our recent progress, neither sexual harassment, retaliation nor gender inequality in the workplace will end anytime soon – and the legal profession is no exception. Partner Elizabeth Bradley authored an article for Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles discussing how women can work toward a safer and fairer workplace.

Bradley gives practical tips to recognize and navigate these challenges in the workplace, including knowing your rights. Bradley wrote, “The body of law governing illegal harassment and discrimination under Federal and California law is quite extensive, and often times very nuanced.” Learning your rights, the laws and how these apply to issues of discrimination, harassment and retaliation are crucial.

“Honing your communication skills and learning to advocate for yourself early in your career will serve you well,” she explained. “Being an advocate for your own professional growth can help to avoid or alleviate actual or potential disparate treatment.  Don’t sit and wait for opportunities to be handed to you, especially if you see others being given preferential treatment.”

As women, we want and deserve safe and fair workplaces. Bradley explained that as we become more empowered to voice our concerns and enforce our rights, we will play a significant role in improving the workplace both for ourselves and for our colleagues.

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