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Rosen Saba is a boutique, full-service civil litigation law firm representing individuals and businesses in a wide range of business, employment and catastrophic injury litigation. The firm was originally founded in 1993, and name partners Jim Rosen and Ryan Saba have been practicing together since 1999.      Jim completed his undergraduate studies at UCLA and earned his law degree at Loyola Law School. He has practiced law since 1985. Ryan Saba obtained his undergraduate degree from UC San Diego and then graduated from the University of San Diego Law School. He has practiced law since 1997.

What fulfills you most about your career?

“Ultimately, it comes down to client satisfaction, a reputation for success and integrity, the enjoyment of a vibrant practice, and the trust and collegiality of one’s peers.” 

What does it take to earn the label “trusted advisor”?

“It takes hard work. Professionals earn the label ‘trusted advisor’ by focusing on the client’s needs, working hard to help them achieve their goals and at all times elevating the client’s interests above their own. It’s also essential to maintain an open and honest dialogue as a mainstay of the relationship.”

How do you cope with highly stressful situations in your work?

Ryan: “Our clients often find themselves in highly stressful, volatile situations and/or high-stakes lawsuits, which is why they hired us in the first place. By absorbing our clients’ stress, instilling or restoring their trust, and successfully ushering them through the civil lawsuit process, we can replace that stress with pride. As for our personnel, most turn to vigorous exercise and/or the love of our pets. A few of us still opt for martinis!”

What skills are necessary to achieve success in your industry?

Jim: “There are a number of avenues to success in law. Good judgment is essential, but as a trial lawyer the best are innately talented, confident and persuasive. Since so much of the practice involves motions and written communications, a good writer who can both distill and streamline a complicated argument and also evoke emotion and imagery will always enjoy a distinct advantage.” 

Give us your thoughts about the importance of charitable contributions.

Ryan: “Our law firm’s commitment to charity starts with the cases we take on and the indigent, pro bono clients whose cases we champion. Many of our attorneys also donate to important religious and social organizations and notable concerns such as the Cedars-Sinai Foundation, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the Boys & Girls Club, and the Center Theatre Group (Ahmanson Theatre).”

Speak about “seek first to understand and then to be understood” as it applies to your work.

Jim: “Our community’s most celebrated trial lawyers are naturally the ones who enthrall the gallery with their eloquence in the courtroom and razor-sharp cross-examinations. However, becoming a top-flight advocate actually starts by being a good listener. Really hearing what your client is saying often provides you the nuances necessary to elicit the right testimony and win the day.” 

How do you find new clients?

“We do not advertise. We rely on word-of-mouth referrals from happy clients, friends, family and colleagues who appreciate our work and results. Of course nothing is more flattering than a referral from a former adversary or a judge.”

How do you help clients avoid making rash decisions?

Ryan: “By insisting that they take a moment and then call me first.”

Tell us something unique about yourself or your work that others may not know.

Jim: “I am an ardent collector of historic artifacts and social and political Americana.”

Tell us about your recent move.

“We are thrilled to move the main office of our 10-lawyer firm to the South Bay. After practicing in Beverly Hills for more than a quarter-century, we are all looking forward to working and contributing to the communities where our partners live and our kids go to school. As if that isn’t enough, we’ll be improving our quality of life by reclaiming large chunks of our time to enjoy with our friends and families in the wonderful Beach Cities.”

Is the current size of your firm likely to change when you move to the South Bay?

“We have always favored slow, deliberate growth, so adding a handful of lawyers over time wouldn’t surprise us. However, our size works to our benefit. Rosen Saba is small enough to maintain a close-knit, collegial environment, but we have plenty of resources at our disposal to do battle with any behemoth law firm, which happens frequently.”

Will you have any other locations besides your new headquarters on Rosecrans Avenue?

“Yes. At about the same time we christen our new South Bay offices, we will also open and staff a satellite office in Downtown Santa Barbara. This outpost will enable us to better serve our clients along the Central Coast and California’s ‘Breadbasket,’ where we have had good success.”