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James R. Rosen managing partner of the trial law firm Rosen Saba, LLP in Beverly Hills, California, will be speaking at the American Bar Association’s upcoming National Legal Malpractice Conference. The Annual Fall Conference, which takes place in San Francisco from September 10-12, 2014, will feature speakers from across the country and touch on hot topics affecting the legal industry. Mr. Rosen will be speaking on September 11, 2014, during the first morning session.

During the session, Mr. Rosen, moderator George M. Kryder, defense attorney Bradley S. Keller, and Jeffrey T Kraus, a member of the insurance community, will be discussing ‘How Firm Compensation Can Drive Bad Behavior.’ In particular, the panel will focus on a firm’s compensation structure and how the way a firm charges fees may have the unintended consequence of incentivizing risky behavior, leading to the potential for attorney malpractice. Mr. Rosen, the plaintiff lawyer at the table, will address both the risks and ways to reduce them.

The Conference will bring together seasoned trial lawyers and young attorneys alike and serve as an opportunity for professional growth. Mr. Rosen is “very pleased to be invited to speak at this year’s fall conference, as these types of programs have an end result of elevating the entire legal profession.”

For more information on the morning session entitled ‘How Firm Compensation Can Drive Bad Behavior’ please click here.

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