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Rosen Saba, LLP invites you to join partner, Rosen Saba, for a webinar with Harry Plotkin and Robert Karwin Esq on Thursday, July 29th, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. PT to discuss how to present a dangerous condition trial. Ryan will also be discussing his most recent victory in Tusant v. City of Hemet- a dangerous condition worth $25.6 million.


Nick Tusant, a high school junior, was struck by a car while walking across a marked crosswalk to campus on March 2017. The crosswalk had embedded lights in the ground which were designed to provide warning to on-coming cars. However, this did not prohibit Nick from being struck by a driver, leaving him bound to a wheelchair and without use the left side of his body. The Tusant family decided to sue the City of Hemet for dangerous condition and causing the accident. The theory was that the City should have never installed the crosswalk at that location and that the addition of the embedded lights did not reduce any risk to the pedestrians who were using the crosswalk to get to the local high school.


Topics of discussion for the webinar will include:

-How to find the right jurors in a low-damage, conservative venue.

-How focus grouping can identify key issues in voir dire.

-How to reframe to shift the focus away from an underinsured defendant onto a target defendant.

-How to obtain large overall damages awards when the past medical damages are low.

-How to establish liability against a government entity for road design defects.


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